• Are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you undergoing a change in your life right now? 
  • Are you longing for more passion and purpose
  • Are you actively fulfilling your hopes and dreams? Do you need help to do it?
  • Are you struggling to find joy?

Are you feeling unfulfilled or disconnected in any of these areas in your life:

  • Your love life
  • Your friendships
  • Your career
  • Your family
  • Your health, fitness and wellness
  • Your home and environment
  • Your body image
  • Your finances
  • Your fun and entertainment
  • Your personal growth and spirituality

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Judy as my life coach for over 15 years. Judy possesses a rare and unique gift of truly uncovering what a person's goals are and then crafting actionable steps to help you achieve them. Her approach delves deep into helping you understand what truly matters to you and more importantly, why it matters. Judy's guidance, support and encouragement is there every step of the way. She helps you get that clarity so that you can finally bring your goals to fruition. And finally, you can truly feel that Judy is invested in your journey and seeing you thrive.


If you're on the lookout for a seasoned guide to assist you in navigating life or seeking valuable insights to steer you towards happiness and fulfillment, look no further than the Bliss Coach.

Judy Librach, a certified ADLER trained life coach with over two decades of expertise, is dedicated to empowering people by fostering a connection with their passion, purpose, and calling, uncovering and finally revealing what really lights them up.

In essence, Judy is committed to helping you discover your reason for being on this planet. If you find yourself at a standstill, seeking clarity, undergoing a career or life transition, or simply desiring or wanting to reimagine your purpose and "why," Judy would love to meet you and provide YOU with the support YOU need to forge that essential connection. Let's work together to free your best self, unlock your highest potential and chart a path towards a more fulfilling life!

I had reached a point in my life where I couldn't feel. My career was flat, my physical health was low, and I had no optimism for the future. In less than a month, Judy took me from being hopeless and sad to feeling inspired and full of energy to accomplish new goals. Judy helped me to rediscover my passion for performing, and I followed her action steps to mount a new show, which fulfilled a hunger I hadn't realised I had. Judy gave me a new roadmap for my life, and was unrelentingly supportive. With Judy's help, there is no way her clients can fail to achieve far more than they thought possible.

Maggie, R

Services offered

  • BLISS BLAST: Dive deep into a one-hour Bliss Life Coaching session for $140.
  • BLISS SPLASH: Make a splash with a half-hour session at $80.
  • BUNDLE OF BLISS: Opt for a bundle of four 1-hour Bliss Life Coaching sessions for a discounted rate of $450.

Curious about what life coaching can bring to your life, but not quite sure if it's the right fit for you?

  • BLISS BYTE: Take the uncertainty out of the equation with a free 15-minute consultation with Judy! Don't hesitate -- schedule your no-obligation intro call today and discover the potential for a brighter, more connected future that awaits you!

🎥 Flexible sessions

You will connect with Judy through an audio or video Zoom session, ensuring that you can access her guidance from the comfort of your own space.

Coaching fees are conveniently payable via eTransfer.

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