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Judy Siblin-Librach is a “make it happen” kind of person and someone who has always loved helping people find their bliss. Her beloved father wrote something very special on a sweet-16 birthday card that she never forgot. It said: “You are a feeling person, with a deep concern for others. I hope you always find happiness in bringing happiness to others.” And he was so right. After years of working as a television host, reporter, TV personality and guest speaker, Judy also was the Managing Editor of a Performing Arts Magazine and the host of a TV show called In the Spotlight, which won her an award for Best Arts Program in North America by the Hometown U.S.A. Video Festival.

For Toronto Tonight Magazine, she wrote hundreds of theatre reviews, a weekly column called Theatretalk and a Celebrity Dining Column where she took a different celebrity out for dinner each week and did a profile on the celebrity, along with a restaurant review. Even then, she always asked each celebrity what were the three most important things to them which were related to their bliss.

In addition to working as a host and reporter for numerous TV shows, she also worked as a Feeling Good Reporter on Real Life with Erica Ehm! Judy also wrote and published two books: The Toronto Wedding Handbook, which went into four editions and Love, Mommy: Writing Love Letters To Your Baby! She then became an Adler-trained Life Coach and went on to host 32 episodes of a TV show on Rogers, called “Finding Your Bliss”, along with writing a column for 6 years called the Life Coach Corner.

She has become very passionate about her Instagram account, @theblissminute, and loves making videos, (each only one minute long!) about how to find and follow your bliss. Married, with two children, there is no question that they are all a huge part of Judy’s bliss. As the creator of the Finding Your Bliss online magazine, she is so excited to share her vision and inspiration with you, along with her incredible guest bliss bloggers, who are all so excited to help you take one step closer to finding your bliss!

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