Write for us!

Write for us!

Do you have a bliss story to share? Send us your article, and we’ll consider it for publication in this magazine.

“What should I write about?!”

You can write about whatever you are passionate about. Write about whatever you want, as long as it is somehow related to bliss and finding your bliss. Your article could talk either about your journey to finding your bliss or about some part of your life that fills you with bliss. You can write about Mindfullness, Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Fitness, Style, Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, Diet and Exercise, Music, Entertainment, Theatre, Dance, Singing, Film, TV, Comedy, Interior Design, Athletics, Inspirational and/or Personal Stories, Reviews of Enlightening Self-Help books, a Profile on a Celebrity, as long as it somehow related to your bliss!


Here are a few guidelines for joining our group of authors:

Publishing schedule

Articles are published every Tuesday at around 6:00 pm (EST). Send us all of your material by that time to be considered for publication the following Tuesday. If you miss the deadline, don’t worry: We’ll try to schedule your article for the subsequent week.

Get in touch!

Send along your article, title of the article, bio, and profile picture to our editor-in-chief and bliss blogger, Judy, at judy@findingyourbliss.com.

As much as we would love to compensate authors for their hard work, we unfortunately cannot at this stage in our development.

We are so happy and excited for you to be a part of our magazine and to help you all take one step closer to finding your bliss!