Dr. Joe Schwarcz and Wendy Lands (Montreal in the house!)

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Montreal is not only famous for their bagels and smoked meat, but also for my two guests on today’s show. On Finding Your Bliss this week we have Dr. Joe Schwarcz, the Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, which is dedicated to demystifying science for the public, the media and his students. Dr. Joe is not only a Chemistry professor, but he is also the author of 18 books demystifying chemistry and making the complex simple. He has also hosted his own radio show the “Dr. Joe Show” for 40 years in Montreal and is an expert at making sense out of the nonsense, exposing fake news, and answering all of our questions about food, diet, nutrition, health, aging and the chemistry of love. He also loves Musical Theatre and so he was thrilled to meet our next guest- singer, songwriter, actress and voiceover Queen Wendy Lands who also hails from Montreal. Wendy sings live on the show and tells us about her new one woman Musical cabaret show which is nominated for a Broadway world award.

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