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Mindfulness is a meditative technique that falls under the broader umbrella of Meditation. According to our first guest, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and lawyer, Josh Cohen, “meditation is the state of being completely at one with what is arising in the present moment, such that the subject/object/ paradigm dissolves completely.” Also on this episode, mindfulness, meditation and movement instructor, speaker, and integrative coach Linda Janasz talks all about her experience with Mindfulness Meditation.. The show also features an audio clip and a discussion of Jon Kabat-Zinn reading from his book Mindfulness for Beginners – courtesy of Soundstrue.com. As well, we discuss the different ways we can meditate, from using a mantra, to practicing TM, (Transcendental Meditation) to using some of the wonderful meditation phone apps, such as the Serenity App, (which we have a clip of on the show) We also learn how, when, why and where to meditate, and how important it is to meditate daily to create a viable practice so that the average person can integrate and implement mindfulness into their lives.

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