Reinventing yourself and finding calm during the coronavirus crisis

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On this episode of Finding Your Bliss we are talking about reinventing yourself and as well, we are talking about how to stay calm in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. We have some great suggestions on how to stay positive and how times like this force us to take a pause and reflect on what really matters, to embrace all the simple pleasures in life and how to lean into more faith and less fear. On the show we have Dr. Sam Gerstein an emergency room doctor who later in life discovered his passion, which is helping other people find theirs. He went from emergency medicine to psychotherapy and wrote the book called Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders. Also on the program, Naomi Parness, a celebrated television reporter for over 20 years at CTV, who just reinvented her career launching KPW Communications, a PR and Communications company. And finally, after years of working in the food industry, Neil Zworth did a complete career 180, becoming a highly successful fitness trainer catering to the 50 plus crowd. He achieves this by doing at home personal training, and is even doing virtual training by Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. There is also a very calming meditation at the end of the show that is designed to reduced the anxiety and fear that many of us are experiencing.

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