Singing and how to become a more powerful performer

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On today’s show we’re talking about something that many of us love to do. Whether it’s in the shower, or in the car, or on a world stage, on Broadway, at the Grammy awards, in a karaoke bar or in a reality singing competition, we all love to sing. So whether you are someone who just loves to sing for fun, or you’re an aspiring singer, or professional singer, you’re going to love this episode. And you are going to love our guests on today’s show. We have two world class vocal coaches who share a passion for musical artists of all genres and help them reach their greatest potential. They’ve written a fabulous book called Power of Performance: Becoming the Artist You Are Meant To Be. They are Juno nominated Mary-Lu Zahalan who is also the Head of the Commercial Vocal Department in the Music Theatre Performance Degree program at Sheridan College. And also co-written by singer Lorraine Lawson who has been described as Canada’s Mariah Carey and she is also the Vocal Coach for CTV’s The Launch, and founder of Lawson Vocal Studios. And singing an original song live in our studios is talented singer Trevor LaRose who was a finalist in CTV’s The Launch.

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