Lisa Borden and David Newton with featured artist Micah Barnes

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Coming up this week on Finding Your Bliss is our Valentine’s Day show, all about learning how to love yourself and create more wellness in your life. We have two phenomenal people on the program. David Newton is a movement-based therapist and wellness coach who was teaching 40 fitness classes a week before the pandemic, and Lisa Borden of Borden Communications is an effective communicator who helps bring voice and shape to people’s ideas, coaching them to understand their exact purpose and to be their own best expert. Lisa and David have written two books: The Akira State Workbook, an indispensable guide to feeling well, looking well, and being well in today’s world, and the book No Worries, which teaches you how to think optimistically for a happier life. Our featured artist this week is Juno award nominee, Canadian jazz singer and vocal coach, Micah Barnes, formerly of The Nylons, with his latest single The End of a Love Affair. Micah also just released the sultry and steamy 1940’s Hollywood-inspired music video for this new song, which has already passed 100K views on YouTube, and is the latest from Micah’s most recent number one iTunes Jazz album, Vegas Breeze .

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