Sarina Condello, Arlene Abramsky, and Amy Sky

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Coming up this week on Finding Your Bliss, we are leaping into the world of dance with renowned dancer, choreographer, teacher, television host, and performing artist, Sarina Condello. She has created, produced and directed over 100 musical theatre productions for adults and children. Sarina has traveled the planet, studying how humanity and divinity are experienced through the performing arts, and she even created an award-winning documentary Thank You Tanzania, which has won countless film festival awards. Sarina, along with Sarah Ferris, just launched Sasafit, keeping women over 50 fit, happy and connected! We hear from Arlene, a 73-year-old student of Sarina’s, about the impact of dancing. And this week’s featured artist is award-winning Toronto Singer/Songwriter Amy Sky.

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