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Let's just get one thing straight: I am not a flowery person. I do not meditate. I do not read affirmations. I dislike aromatherapy, self-help books and yoga. I'm pretty much a down-to-earth, call-it-as-I-see-it kind of person. Perhaps I'm a bit of a skeptic. So, when I was asked to write about my “bliss”, I naturally rolled my eyes and put up some resistance.

But, it got me thinking: What things in my life bring me the greatest joy?

I made a list:

  • I feel happy when I challenge myself artistically. I become so focused and engaged in the process, that many hours fly by. I am excited by coluor, light, textures and lines, and the myriad of ways they can be manipulated.
  • I feel happy when I am alone and quiet, and can curl up with a book and let my imagination soar to a different time or place, with a different cast of characters.
  • I feel devilishly happy when I “accidentally” leave my cell phone at home and get a few hours of guilty pleasure knowing I am not at others beck and call.
  • I feel truly at peace when I walk in the woods, particularly in the fall. The colors, sounds, and smells of the falling leaves and peek-a-boo sunshine make me giggle. I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.
  • I am happy when I am swimming mindfully in the pool. As I glide gracefully, my body is caressed by the water, bubbles of air explode on me, and the reflection of light dances around me.
  • I am enthusiastically happy when I surround myself with interesting, compassionate, and positive people — particularly women. Nothing is more rejuvenating for the soul than “sister-bonding”. I love to laugh, I love to cry, I love to sing, and I love to dance. I love and need to feel purposeful and productive.

The search for fulfillment and bliss is ongoing throughout one’s life. There is always going to be something bigger, better, and more exciting to strive for. But, for the moment, I'm feeling pretty blissful — and for that, I am grateful.

Though my dear friend Judy and I are not always on the same page, I fully support and applaud her journey to inspire others to live life fully and blissfully.

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