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YouTube sensation and YouTube sweetheart Claire Ryann Crosby and her Dad, Dave Crosby remind me so much of my Dad and I when I was the same age. Even though my Dad and I never sang together, the sweet relationship Claire and Dave have when they sing, reminds me so much of the relationship I had with my Dad and how walking with him on Beaver Lake at three years old was a highlight of my life. And I looked up to my Dad, like he was a Prince, much like Claire looks up to her Dad.

So add to that, that I love reality TV, especially any kind of singing show. So the first time I saw three year old Claire on the TV show “Little Big Shots,” hosted by the very handsome and hilarious Steve Harvey, I was hooked.

So what is it about Claire Ryan Crosby and her dad Dave that has capured my heart along with millions of other viewers?

In a world full of so much adversity, there is something enchanting about the pure goodness and old fashioned homespun innocence of the Crosby family, who really are bringing bliss to so many people.

In addition to how adorable Claire was at just three years old, was the fact that she didn’t realize how unbelievably talented she was, with incredible phrasing, a gorgeous little voice, and the incredible gift she posseses. But there there was also something so sweet and inspiring about this, that I along with millions, became an instant fan. I think she also reminded me of my daughter at that age, singing for the first time sweetly and bravely in front of an audience, and it just makes your heart melt.

The Crosby family now have YouTube Channels, Disney deals, movies deals, Dave Crosby has been on The Voice, @nbcthevoice, Claire has interviewed the judges on the Voice, Claire and her family are regulars at Disneyland, where Claire gets to wear actual Disney Princess dresses and sing all the songs from each Disney movie and get to go to Disneyland for free and so much more. She has also been a regular on the Ellen Show @TheEllenShow and Ellen has showered the family with more gifts, love and attention than you can imagine and I think secretly little Claire is one of Ellen’s favourite little guests, because she is so polite, present and so talented and aside from having perfect pitch, she just has that “it factor” that can’t be denied and she is a joy to watch when she is performing.

But it is her duet with Dad, “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”, that melts me every time. I don’t know if it reminds me of my own wonderful Dad, or about that incredible father/ daughter bond, (by the way, she is very close to her mother too!), and to her two siblings. Or maybe it’s just the pure joy father and daughter get from singing together, but there’s something precious and magical about them and people really love them!

I guess it is also her confidence, even at the age of three, that makes her so watchable, but also I think ultimately it inspires in all of us that if you know your child or yourself or someone that you love is really gifted with a talent of any kind and one that they love doing, clearing a path for them to do it is a really good idea. This is called finding your bliss at a very young age and by letting the child explore their talent, the sky really is the limit!

You can see that Claire loves singing and her singing is absolute perfection and her glee and bliss is evident even whenever the family does their behind-the-scenes videos or they take us on the journey with them as they go car rides and plane trips, taking them to all of their gigs, performances and events.

Here is a clip of Claire and her Dad singing on the Ellen show.

Is it just me or do you love the Crosby family and if so, do you have a favourite song that she sings?

What is your talent, and what would you love to do?

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