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Hi everyone! It’s been a minute. I’m so excited to pop on and wish you all a very happy March and tell you about some of the super exciting things that are happening at the Finding your bliss headquarters!

The biggest scoop is that our show is now available on YouTube in full video and living colour! We have taken some of our top shows, and right now, 8 of our episodes are up! Including our interviews with Television Host Cheryl Hickey, the most famous Bachelor Contestant on the Bachelorette, Jason Tartick, our recent interview with popular television and radio host Pooja Handa (check this one out, it was just released and it’s a great episode!), and our interview with broadcasting legend Valerie Pringle, a wonderful conversation with Joan Lunden from Good Morning America, a one-on-one Happiness Guru Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, and the Cast from Unsung Heroes’ 10th anniversary show!

Just released from the Finding Your Bliss vault!

The dazzling and dynamic duo from the popular podcast Excuse My Grandma, Grandma Gail and Kim Murstein!

Excuse My Grandma

Great behind-the-scenes story about Excuse My Grandma! I was in New York visiting my daughter the day before that interview and all flights were canceled, and Lily was coming home with me and we didn’t know what to do. We had this big interview scheduled, which had taken a long time to organize, so we ended up driving back just in time for the interview! Fun fact — when I mentioned this to Grandma Gail and Kim, they said “no problem, we would have just rescheduled”! But I was so happy that I did get back and had the most wonderful trip with my daughter, talking all the way and was so grateful to be a part of this very exciting episode. The duo have exploded and are featured in many newspapers and magazines all over New York City and Palm Beach and elsewhere. They have millions of followers and are huge TikTok and Instagram influencers now. To see any of these episodes, all you have to do is click on this link, or you can always head to the YouTube search bar and type “Finding Your Bliss episodes” and the playlist will play all the interviews for you!

This has been very exciting for me, because long before radio, I was always on-camera as a host and reporter on television, so this kind of feels like coming full circle!

Stay tuned as we’re going to have lots more episodes coming up that you can enjoy in video, as well as on the radio as usual.

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