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I have been following Judy’s Finding your Bliss blog, and now her newest initiative — an innovative online magazine — from the moment of its creation. The idea is simple and brilliant, and I believe wholeheartedly in the concept: connecting with our passion and our purpose. In fact, this vision resonates well with the tag-line for PK Press:

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours? Share Your Story — Leave a Legacy.

Approximately a decade ago, I began publishing a series of collections of inspiring personal narratives written by Canadian Jewish Women. The genesis for this project was primarily personal; it was intended as a gift to my extended network and for the local community. As it happens, the project grew and in fact, became a labour of love. Last year, I published the seventh volume in this series. The experience has been meaningful and rewarding in many ways. I think what I have enjoyed the most is meeting many wonderful women, and we have formed an informal sisterhood, as woman often do. I have discovered that we are each unique, and yet, much of the human experience is universal. The process has been serendipitous, opening new doors and discovering interesting opportunities along the way. And yes! In fact, Judy is a previous contributing author to the Living Legacies series; her poignant story is published in the original volume.

Truly, I am passionate about facilitating and sharing personal narratives. I look for stories that illustrate authenticity, creativity and personal development. I have learned that indeed, our collective wisdom is bountiful, and we all need support of some sort in harvesting that wisdom. It’s an honour and a pleasure to be a helping hand in delivering personal narratives, encouraging others to reflect upon their formative experiences and articulate their values and wishes. The diverse stories are compelling, and I hope to continue to offer others the gift of sharing their treasured personal narratives — legacy writing. I have guided many women in the creative process, often they are searching for a way to share their wisdom about how they have pursued their passions; and this introspective journey is linked directly to Finding Your Bliss.

And here’s a secret. I have another passion too. I love facilitating music and dance with older adults, and adults with special needs. Music and dance are absolutely universal; I have seen this magic, time and time again. Singing and dancing are interactive and inclusive in so many ways, and I have had the joy of engaging in these activities with hundreds of adults of all abilities living in long-term care and in the community. Undeniably, expressive arts media, including music and dance, are healing for the body, mind and soul. For me, this dynamic experience is pretty close to bliss. I believe that deep down, inside most of us, is an (amateur) singer and a dancer. Let’s push “play” and ignite that spark of creative expression.

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