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Don’t you just want to scream when you look at a piece of cake and somehow it makes its way to your hips/waist? Now, why can’t it go to your boobs or brains or make your hair grow faster or your metabolism speed up. By now, you’ve probably guessed I have a terrible Jupiter transit that is making me devour everything in sight and even knowing what I know, I just cannot stop myself from opening the fridge door. I’d probably live in the fridge right now if I’d fit.

Okay, I’m not really overweight, but I’m bordering on not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Yes, indeed I saw this coming, and before it all started, I did what I was supposed to do, and that is lose as much weight as possible before this beastly transit began. I have struggled with this transit on and off throughout my life. It is finally coming to a close, and I must say not a moment too soon, I still find myself angry that I didn’t handle it better especially with the astrological knowledge I have to keep me in sync with such things as weight gain and loss. Oh yes indeed — astrology can help you when it comes to diets and such.

Lots of my clients use me specifically for fitness and diet regimes. I mean let’s face it, if you know you are coming into a cycle that will make it impossible to lose weight and that will make you not only gain by looking at a piece of chocolate but also cause you to retain water and be semi-addicted to overindulgence, well, of course, you must prepare. When I see clients heading down this path, I try to warn them a year before the fat-gain cycle begins so they can get in tip-top shape to minimize the damage — yes, I fool you not — it does work.

Right now, I should be totally out of control and although as mentioned I’ve put on a couple of pounds this year, no one would consider me overweight. However, the end of the transit, which is what I am going through now, is usually the worst. I’m counting the days trying to be as disciplined as possible as I wait for the middle of November to arrive so I can actually start to get some results from my workouts, and I pare down on my obsession for food.

What I’m getting at is that there are good and bad times to start a diet and exercise regime. Now don’t get me wrong, even when times aren’t so easy or pleasant you should still make a concerted effort to stay in shape, but don’t beat yourself up or quit if it isn’t working because, believe me, maintaining during a fat-gain transit is good enough. What I see happen with so many people who come to me for diet counseling is they want to start a diet when an adverse Jupiter Neptune transit has already begun, making it more difficult because usually by this time the weight gain is already out of control.

What I try to do with my clients is to teach them to use astrological cycles properly. In other words, when you have that over-indulgent cycle heading your way, you trim down as much as you can and get into a good workout routine trying to maintain this course of action throughout the fat-gain transit, therefore, minimizing the damage without feeling guilty or having unreasonable expectations. When your fat-loss cycle hits, that’s when you put on the big push and get yourself trimmed down and in tip-top shape again in preparation for your next down cycle. Yes, it is, unfortunately, an ongoing occurrence for most people throughout life.

It’s like anything else in life, what goes up must come down. It’s nature’s way to balance things out, so don’t feel guilty. Learn to work with what you’ve got, and you will be able to get through the ups and downs so much easier.

The pendulum always swings. So as bad as it gets, you can rest assured it will get equally as good. You just have to know your own personal astrological cycles — now doesn’t that make sense?

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