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I love finding blissful and uplifting self-help books and writing about them and making videos on Instagram.

My library is chock-full of so many self-help writers and I Iove to read them and then share them with my life-coaching clients, friends and family and distill some of the best information that my readers and viewers may not have seen or may not have access to. To be honest, what first attracted me to the book “A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe: Uncommon Ideas for Living an Unusually Happy Life”, was the cheerful lemon yellow cover and the fabulous title. But upon a closer look, I discovered this was a book written by best-selling author Mike Dooley, who wrote “Notes From the Universe” and was one of the writers of “The Secret” - Mike Dooley who explains Law of Attraction in 3 Simple Words, which is that “Thoughts Become Things.” So with my interest very piqued now, I took an even closer look and discovered that this first-time father who was 52 years old, when his daughter was born, wanted to find a way to distill all of his insights, inspiration, love and life lessons into a slim but perfect little book, to remind his young daughter and his readers of all that is beautiful in life, how much power we have over our lives and the knowledge that we are loved.

He has divided the book into 6 sections, beginning with a very touching prologue from a father to a daughter, followed by:

  • “Why the Sun Rises”,
  • “How ‘Things’ Happen: The Logistics of Magic and Miracles”,
  • “Learning From All That Hurts”,
  • “Imagination, Dreams and Baby Steps”,
  • “Making the Most of Friends, Family, and Relationships”,
  • “What Old Souls Know”,

Having written a book called “A Love Letter to Your Baby”, like all parents, I really understand the overwhelming feeling of love when you have a child and I was even more touched by this father writing this beautiful book to his daughter.

I wanted to share some of the incredible quotes throughout this book and will be posting some of them in my BLISS QUOTE BOX videos on Instagram as well.

Some of my favourites are:

The Truth will not only set you free.
It’ll slay all dragons, banish all fears,
Heal what hurts, fill what’s empty,
clear what’s confused, connect all dots,
Lighten what’s heavy, bring friends together,
turn dust to gold,
and raise the sun.

True love is a given, not an option
an absolute, not a variable
Born of our divinity, not our humanity
Always undconditional.

Fear goes away when you remember
First, you’re a spiritual being.
And, second, nothing can ever be
lost or taken from a spiritual being
that cannot be re-created.

Life doesn’t happen to you
You happen to life.

There are only three things you need to know about angels:
They’re real.
Some exist to serve you.
They can do the most when you ask them for help.

There are only two conditions of the human experience:
Very, very happy, or, about to become very, very happy.

There are hundreds more of the most spectacular quotes, insights and beautiful ideas for how to live an unusually happy life.

Mike Dooley is one of those great people who helps you take one step closer to finding your bliss!

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