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Quite the ambitious title, don’t you think?

As I write this, it is the last day of 2023, and everyone and anyone are sharing the best advice out there for 2024’s New Year’s resolutions. I bet you are expecting me to jump on the bandwagon and type out a super-productive inspirational to-do list for 2024, right?

I can go anywhere with this. Career. Relationships. Hmmm, what to choose. I think I’ll go with health because it’s as popular as the line of treadmills that will be occupied at your neighborhood gym during the month of January.

Ok, folks - 2024 health goals!

And forgive me, but I’m feeling a little rebellious. I added some 70’s themed references here. See if you can catch them! 😉

Let’s go with three goals.

Get that junk food out of your shopping cart.

Toss that cocktail down the drain.

Lace up your runners and head out that door – no matter the weather.

It’s time to get stronger. Smarter. Faster. You got this! Go! Go! Go!

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just typing those goals out. What are we, The Six Million Dollar Man? 😉

Bionic humans we are not. That is so… not this year.

Although the health goals I listed above have a time and a place for them. I wrote about the weight of COVID a few years ago.

This year, it’s time to do something different. I am officially placing the ever-popular losing weight/health goals aside. Not invited to our resolution party this year. Maybe they can come later. Like April. Maybe.

Because I believe before you tackle any goal, no matter what it is, you gotta make THIS goal your top priority.

I officially declare your new year’s resolution should be… Wait for it.

To be yourself

Wait a minute – Before you close your laptop and say “I am myself. Thank you very much, now let me enjoy this delicious stalk of celery!”

But are you? What does being yourself mean?

Oh, my darlings, I am so glad you asked. Shall we begin?

Being with the right people

Choose your friends wisely is what I often tell my now adult children. Every pair of shoes that I see at the front entrance of my door feels like hugging a great friend who gets it. The owners of these shoes are so happy to see me and be with my kids – I can see it in their eyes. And here it comes. They ask how I am doing. And there is laughter. And they listen.

And when you follow my prescription. Yes, I consider myself a relationship doctor – just go with it. The following happens.

Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort to just be themselves.


And once you are yourself and feel comfortable in your skin, remember that New Year’s resolution list that I mentioned earlier? If one of those tasks is on your list, and if it’s health-related, you consult with your doctor about it, I bet you can do it.

But wait, there’s more!

Doing what you love

Would you believe that it took me 40 years to gather up my courage to say, “I don’t like skiing”? Gosh, that was a long time to participate in an activity that I never really enjoyed. It wasn’t easy because it was ingrained in me to like it because, you could argue, what’s not to like?

The fresh air (brrr). The feeling of speed as you zoom down the hill (where are the brakes on these things?), and the challenge of tackling the moguls, sudden drops, and icy patches (I don’t need to explain myself here).

With all due respect for the skiers out there – please enjoy your sport and embrace those beautiful mountains covered in powder as you swoosh swoosh right through them like silk. Just leave me alone as I sit in a nearby ski chalet, drinking coffee. And writing, especially after I chose another exercise activity that I truly enjoy, like snowshoeing.

The ability to recognize what makes you happy and what makes you not happy places the dial on the independence and feeling powerful meter in the red zone. Can you hear me squeal with excitement?

The noise

Did you think it would be that easy? Just follow these two rules and off you go – happiness! Yee-haw – look out world – I got this new year’s resolution! Slay!


There’s the noise. Walking away from who isn’t good for you and the things that don’t make you smile are not easy.

Why don’t you say hello to some of my favorite reactions to walking away from what doesn’t serve you anymore:

“What’s your problem?”

“Don’t you like to __?”

“You’re so lame.”

Look out because here they come. What to do?

Ignore them. Put your blinders on – and keep moving.

(An ode to my latest book The Most Amazing Department Store - #IYKYK)

Focus on the end prize. To surround yourself with who makes you feel fantastic and what makes you feel great. Feel it. Say it. On repeat.

And then tell two friends! 😉

And soon, the noise will dial down, and your confidence will dial up, and who knows what you can and will do when that happens.

Put on that 70s disco and boogie because you got this!

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