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A friend sent me a song on Messenger this morning: Somebody to Love by Queen…

Of course, I’ve heard it before and loved it every time I heard it… but today something was different. Today, I heard it.

Can anybody send me somebody to love? We all want that. Someone who understands us, someone who accepts us, who loves us so much they would do anything for us.

So, how many of us have that?

Come closer, please. I want to tell you something. Are you ready?

That perfect person, the one you’ve been waiting for, the one who will love you exactly the way you want and need is right there with you.

Have you guessed who it is? It’s you, of course. Yes, that person is you!

Ask yourself what you need to be really and truly happy. Answer yourself as though you were telling your best friend, your lover.

Lover, are you listening?

I want to be accepted as I am and still encouraged to be my best self.

I want to be admired. I want someone to talk to who will really listen to me.

I want to be with someone who is not afraid to tell me how they feel because they believe I am strong enough, smart enough to handle it.

I want to have someone to cheer me on and to encourage me.

I want someone to inspire me, to uplift me, to want to be with me because I am the most important person in the world for them.

I want someone to tell me how gorgeous I am, how sexy, how smart.

Well, how can you get that? Where should you start?

Start by becoming the kind of person you want to attract.

Play a great song in the morning, a happy inspiring song!

Make a playlist of music that makes you want to dance, songs that make you happy to be alive, and play it every morning to motivate yourself.

Think of the last time you were really happy.

Why was that? Why were you so happy? Do you remember where you were?

Recreate that space in your mind. Involve your senses. What was the weather like? The air? What room were you in?

Now, please picture yourself as you would like to be, the version of yourself you would be the most proud of.

Face yourself. Smile at yourself. Bring yourself closer to that person and accept their embrace.

I love you, your best self says.

I admire you for everything you have achieved, for all the things you have overcome.

I am you, your best self tells you, as complete as you have made me, and I am here for you, waiting for you to come to me, to be me.

Ask yourself, what do I really, really need to feel joy, to be proud of myself.

What can I give myself to feel encouraged? Purposeful? Hopeful?

What would my ideal version of myself say to me… and then say it to yourself. You know the answers because you know what you expect from your perfect companion.

Become the kind of person you want to attract and, chances are, you will find your bliss.

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