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Hi everyone and welcome to the October issue of Finding Your Bliss!

There’s been so much going on at the Finding Your Bliss headquarters, and for those of you who don’t know, I unfortunately had an accident, which led to an injury and a surgery that is an ongoing issue in my left hand. I am in a cast and my life has really changed pretty dramatically in the last few weeks.

As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram and social media, I am super grateful that it wasn’t the right hand, even though I will be having treatment ongoing for up to a year. I am trying to stay hopeful that I am getting better and healing every day and it has taught me a lot about gratitude, slowing down, and being mindful.

And also just a note, be careful when you wear high heels on a kitchen floor, it is not the best combination.

It’s ironic given the current state of my hand, but this week I was featured on the cover of the October issue of Forest Hill Neighbours Magazine. They did such a beautiful job with the article, and so I want to thank Susan Warburton of Forest Hill Neighbours Magazine and Terry Chang for writing a wonderful feature article about me. It’s funny as I look at the picture now, since it was taken by the incredible photographer Denise Jones prior to my fall. However it’s a great reminder that your health is the most important thing of all, and good health and wellness is the truest form of bliss.

Judy Librach on the cover of Neighbours of Forest Hill, October 2021 issue

I have been so honoured to have some wonderful guests on Finding Your Bliss on Zoomer Radio AM 740 FM 96.7 in the last couple of weeks and coming soon! A real highlight was Jennifer Valentyne this past Saturday. The TV host and social media star was so lovely and we had so much in common. My producer Siobhan Kiely actually said it’s like we’re living in a parallel universe! (lol!)

We both have daughters in musical theatre and Georgia Valentyne, Jennifer’s daughter, actually just released an album produced by Jake Donaldson that is absolutely beautiful. Jennifer is a ray of sunshine, a beautiful soul inside and out, and a total inspiration to all. I loved our conversation. So if you missed the show, I highly encourage you to check out the podcast coming out tomorrow on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and my interview with Jennifer will also be available in our magazine and on Zoomer Radio, so definitely check that out!

Also recently, we had Erica Ehm back on the program with a fabulous new initiative called the Inside>Out Initiative, which is geared towards helping teens and young adults find their passion, purpose and potential. She is part of an awesome dream team that includes founders Israel Diaz, Heidi Phillip and educator Luke Coles, and Luke joins Erica on the program as well. So visit to listen to that podcast. It was really fascinating stuff, and also on that program is the incredibly talented 13 year old singer-songwriter Mia Baron.

Coming up this week on Finding Your Bliss on Zoomer Radio, this Saturday at 1 PM we have a fabulous show planned for you with the motivational book Get Up written by Sharon Neiss Arbess with David Newton and published by Lisa Borden. Rounding out that episode is Chris Kay Fraser, who is the founder and one of the writing coaches at Firefly Creative Writing — a small but mighty team determined to reconnect people to the joy and power of writing. So excited to have Chris on the show to help encourage people to write, which I believe to be one of the greatest blisses of all.

Just to share something — before I started this show, I was feeling a little rusty about my writing, so I took some writing workshops at Firefly, which really got me feeling more confident about my writing abilities. The guidance and inspiration at Firefly propelled me to start writing the Bliss Minutes, which were the springboard for my radio show. Firefly Creative Writing really helped me and I’m so thrilled that our listeners will be able to hear all of Chris’ tips on overcoming writer’s block and all of her wonderful writing prompts, that will make you feel good about your writing so that you can write that great Canadian novel you’ve always wanted to write, or even just feel good about writing in your journal. Firefly Creative Writing is a magical place.

I was also so thrilled and impressed when a friend of mine Judy Litwack Goldman just contributed to our magazine with a piece on how she wrote a cookbook in one week. The book is absolutely wonderful and it just shows you what can happen when you get connected to your passion, and become so engrossed and absorbed in an activity that you love, that time just flies by and you get some much accomplished. So if you haven’t had a chance to read it, check out last week’s issue from Judy Litwack Goldman called “Don’t Store Your Potatoes Together with Your Onions…And Other Love Notes”. Congratulations Judy on this fantastic achievement!

I am also so excited that Amy Sky and Marc Jordan are coming on the show to talk about their latest album, He Sang She Sang. I recently had their son Ezra Jordan on the program, who put out a phenomenal EP “117” that is probably his greatest work to date. So the Jordan family is really rocking it out these days! (Can’t wait to have Zoe Sky Jordan and her husband Liam Russell on the program, sometime in the near future!)

As always, I am available for bliss and purpose life coaching and all you have to do to get in touch with me is to go to

I also encourage you to consider ordering a bliss bracelet for a best friend or family member to bring a smile and a little bit of bliss into their lives.

Have a wonderful October and happy birthday to all the October babies out there, including my son Max, and my husband Cliff!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and hope you all take one step closer to finding your bliss!

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