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When something challenging happens, you have three choices…

  1. Let it define you.
  2. Let it destroy you.
  3. Embrace it and let it strengthen you.

Every single day of our lives we are faced with choices.

There are those simple decisions like what to wear in the morning. Then there are the bigger decisions in life that often shape who you are as a person. Like what career choice you will pursue?  What partner you will choose to share your life with?

Sometimes you make a decision that you thought was the right one at the time, but it turns out that it is not what makes you happy or fulfills you the way it is supposed to. It is at that point that you should ask yourself which if these three things you will do — will you let it define you, let it destroy you or embrace it and let it strengthen you?

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It is often challenging and difficult circumstances that force you to take a stand and face adversity. It is these choices that build your character… People who are forced to make these decisions are often the ones who stand out, not because of the circumstance, but more so because of how they chose to deal with it.

My name is Dana Geall and I am a mother of five incredible children. My oldest three are triplets – Taylor, Cole and Brody who are now 14 years old.  When I was just 6.5 months pregnant, I went into preterm labor. Shortly after midnight on New Years Eve when most people are dancing in confetti and having their New Year’s kiss, I was being wheeled into the OR for an emergency c-section.

My children were born at 25 weeks and 5 days gestation. They were in the NICU for months on end and just before their second birthday all three received a diagnosis that would change our world forever. They all were diagnosed with the neurological disorder, cerebral palsy.

Although they face so many challenges, my kids are so loved and happy. They show me each and everyday what it is to live and be grateful for what you have. They always remind me that I can do anything I set my mind to because if these little people who came into this world fighting could do it, why can’t I? I learned and continue to learn each and every day from my children.

The path of my life changed when I became a mother. I made a choice to do anything and everything to help them thrive. I also wanted my life to be meaningful and live in my purpose.  I was a teacher before I had my children, but my career path changed because my life changed, and I had to adapt to the course.

My children inspired a national children’s charity that I founded called THREE TO BE. Over eight years, we raised over $5 million and significant awareness for children with neurological disorders. THREE TO BE funded innovative research and programs that directly helped children and their families. When we closed the doors, I was proud of all we accomplished.

In January 2022, on my children’s birthday I released my book See Me for Me. It is a colourful children’s picture book with charming rhymes that introduces kids to people with disabilities. The characters in the book are Taylor, Cole and Brody and because it is based on real people, it makes it relatable for children and gives them the license to ask meaningful questions. My hope is that this book gets into the hands of all parents and primary school teachers and inspires a movement of empathy, inclusion, diversity and love.

I believe this latest initiative brings together my background and personal experiences as a mother, teacher, and founder of a children’s charity. I hope it benefits the mission of this book because of the level of passion that I have for See Me for Me.

Life can always take you down a path that wasn’t at all what you ever imagined, but it can turn out to be even more beautiful than you could ever have dreamed.

To get your very own copy of Dana’s new book See Me For Me click here.

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