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With the new year in full swing, you may be feeling the urge to narrow down your list of resolutions and goals for 2023.

Its totally natural to want to finally make those life changes when a fresh start comes around, whether its finally making a career path switch, carving out a solid exercise routine or putting down smoking once and for all.

Though there is no problem with feeling like 2023 is your year to achieve it all, its important to be cognizant of the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves with new years resolutions.

Personally, I decided this would be the year I got serious about kicking off my crochet business. The entire first week of January I laid out my plans, including costs, opening an online store and the amount of time I would need to dedicate daily to make this dream a reality.

Looking at my extensive plan, I realized that I would have as little free time as 3 hours a day to myself when my hands arent twirling a crochet hook. As someone who cherishes her alone time and lives a busy work life, I started to realize the toll this endeavour would take on my mental health.

So, I readjusted my new years resolution. While I still hold the goal of starting this business i’ve dreamed about, I added the resolution of prioritizing a healthy, stable mindset. It doesn’t matter if I achieve the goal specifically this year, all that matters is that I am taking healthy strides to make it there.

When you become so strict about your resolutions and leave little wiggle room, you create the potential to fail. Of course, you are more than capable to achieve all you want and more, and don’t get me wrong — new years resolutions are a wonderful thing.

But in order to actually reach those goals, you need to be realistic with yourself and your lifestyle. With that, there should be an element of grace for yourself when taking on new challenges, that ensure you are always taken care of and the priority.

If at this mid-point of the month a couple of your resolutions have been neglected, worry not. We’re supposed to be constantly readjusting our plans, and revisiting our priorities in life. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, pick back up with a new perspective and don’t give up on the things you know you have the power to achieve.

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