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I enjoy running in the Fall because of the cooler temperatures and also hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet while feeling inspired by the scenery that surrounds me.

I also enjoy getting some fresh air and vitamin D. To be out there on a hike, run or walk helps my overall physical and mental well-being.

The season also marks falling back into a regular routine, and it can be the perfect time to start or restart your program.

If you are planning to exercise this season the key is to set a realistic fitness goal and follow a program that suits your lifestyle.

Invest in shoes for your chosen activity and sweat-wicking fabrics. Also, invest in reflective gear to be seen by others for safety reasons, carry your ID, and let someone know where you are running/walking.

Setting a weekly reward system will motivate you to stick to your goal. Running with others will help you stay motivated and accountable.

Here are some other tips

  • Explore new routes that are challenging with hills and longer distances. This will help improve your performance through increased stamina and endurance.
  • Stay hydrated; bring water or energy drink throughout the year.
  • For overall fitness, follow a healthy nutrition guide and get plenty of sleep.
  • Having a mantra, and writing it down and saying it out loud helps gear me up to conquer anything, no matter how I feel that day.

My mantra is, “I have an appointment with myself”, this reminds me that I need and want to take time out for myself. Running is my timeout.

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