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It seems especially common among those who have great aspirations to focus on the destination, and thus miss out on the bliss that can be found on the path towards it.

Dealing with substantial uncertainty in my life over the last year, it has often felt most natural to allow myself to be overcome with disheartenment. Transparency is comforting. A clear destination, and well lit road leading to it, can prevent us from swaying off-course into the unknown.

But life is dynamic and the destination is not always clear. What has helped me most find my bliss, as of late, is to improve my mindfulness and the way I approach my endeavours. I may not know where I’ll be a few months down the road, but rather than cower in the face of uncertainty, I focus on each day at a time, staying true to my values and finding as much bliss in each moment as I can.

Happiness is subjective in nature, and often it is just a matter of perspective that can make all the difference. So I try as much as possible to find joy wherever I can, reframing negative moments as learning experiences and never taking things for granted.

Music, for example, is a major source of bliss in my life. Though I’m not sure where it will take me in the future, I find great joy in the journey it has led me on. Whether I’m practicing something new on guitar or producing an original song, I feel excitement even during challenging tasks and recognize that I get to work at something I am genuinely passionate about.

In the midst of difficult times, I also try to ensure I make health and wellness a habit. Eating well and exercising has been a huge source of joy for me and is something that I have taught myself to make a part of my day-to-day routine.

Forcing yourself to exercise at times when you don’t feel like it may not seem like a source of joy to most people, but there is certainly joy to be found in recognizing self-discipline and accomplishing tough things (not to mention the rush of endorphins after a workout).

So again, happiness is a construct that is experienced in a subjective manner. A single task, action, journey, or moment is neither inherently positive nor negative, but is a matter of perspective through the mental framework in which it is viewed.

I try to find my bliss by choosing to see the positive in every moment and each day. While uncertainty may be ubiquitous, there is always joy to be found in any situation and I strive to do my best to find it.

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