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In just a few short weeks, Get Up will be available! This book is a true collaboration written by Sharon Neiss Arbess, with David Newton, and produced by Lisa Borden of Borden Communications.

The need to know for thriving teens

The teenage years are full of wonder and excitement. They are also full of uncomfortable growth and an incredible amount of change that can leave us feeling lost and alone. This is why we collaborated to write Get Up — a book filled with meaningful short stories, emotional lessons, functional exercises, and mentor memos to help teens “get up” and thrive.

Each story can be related to any teen across the globe with a nod, a smile, and an appreciation of what resiliency really is.

Sharon Neiss Arbess

So many of the questions we have as youth are answered and explored in Get Up. It is a fun and simple, yet thought-provoking read. It feels like a warm hug!

Neiss Arbess has shared 30 meaningful short stories from her very own school of life. Movement Therapist, David Newton, has created perfectly paired exercises to follow each of Sharon’s stories.

There are also over 60 mentors who have contributed thoughtful advice to the reader reflecting on what advice they would give to their teenage self. Nothing preachy, very inspiring, and even Instagrammable!

Although Get Up isn’t a journal, each chapter has a special space for notes, reminding the reader to “connect the thoughts”.

Get Up is recommended for ages 11 and up although it was created for all humans!

Life may bring challenges, but the Get Up reader will quickly learn that they are not alone. Readers will learn that they can get through and that they will “get up.”

Stories affect us physically, which leads us to encourage the reader to Get Up! and do something physical after reading, therefore making the story more impactful and meaningful.

David Newton

You can pre-order your copy of Get Up today!
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