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Whenever I am doing something that I truly enjoy, I say my special word. Very softly, almost like a whisper to myself. I say this word while I am doing the simplest things, such as enjoying my first sip of coffee in the morning, after I finish a run that I didn’t want to do but did it anyways, and resting my head in the corner of my husband’s neck when I hug him.

I didn’t realize anyone was listening when I said my favourite chosen word, until I heard my middle son Adam repeat it.


He said it in the same tone that I say it, almost like a sing-song manner, which by the way, does not match his rough and tough 17-year-old sporty guy image!

As soon as the last syllable was finished, I whipped my head around to where he was sitting at our kitchen table. He was referring to the fact that he had no homework that night and he was going to watch his favourite TV show.

This scenario proves that my kids are listening and watching every move I make and go so far as to parallel my habits unto their lives. How do I feel about this? Blissfully happy! Why? My son has found bliss in the simplest things in life: A free evening to do what he wants.

I am most proud of finding bliss in things that don’t cost money. Those three examples I mentioned earlier are all free, minus the cost of a cup of coffee and jogging attire that I wear while running.

I don’t have to list all of the “stuff” that is available and almost too available due to Cookies and online shopping that promise to bring us more happiness and power. I admit that I am guilty as charged for the feeling of Elation when I purchase a new serum or moisturizer. Yup - I have just revealed my retail therapy weakness to you all! But the funny thing is, I don’t say the word Happiness when I walk away with my purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that I purcashed the product, but the word Happiness does not unconciously leave my mouth in my usual sing-songy tone.

Perhaps it’s the tiny weeny twinge of guilt that goes with purchasing yet another cream for my repertoire that I really don’t need. Maybe it’s because I didn’t physically work hard for the end result as I do in running, or connecting with anyone, as I do when I hug my husband or just simply enjoy the taste of coffee. Regardless, I buy the cream anyways and mark it as #selfcare and move on.

On the positive side from my #selfcare #decadent cream habit, when I am with my daughter at Sephora, our favourite #RepeatPreviousHashtags hangout, she doesn’t hear that word Happiness and at the cash register, points out “Mom, what do we really need from this pile - what can we do without?” She’s listening and I am blissfully happy once again.

Don’t get me started on my eldest son Josh. I am embarrassed as a naughty girl caught with my hand in the cookie jar when I come home with my Sephora bag. He is a conciencious consumer on steroids. I sometimes wonder if he watches me too and wonder where he got his values from. Could be his dad. Or, when watcing my habits, it was just a spring board to where he is now that he got all on his own.

When I lie in bed at night, I try and clear my head of any worry or stress, so I think of the silliest things, such as the fact that I just picked up this amazing bread and get to enjoy it for breakfast with Almond Butter. I also think about the giddy feeling I get when I take my weekly yoga class with my daughter. These activities of Happiiiineeessss will continue to be a huge part of my days. I couldn’t imagine life without them, or my face creams either.

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