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We all find our bliss in different ways. I find my bliss in little things that transform my life in big ways. My ownership of my brand new snoring appliance has changed my life in a most transformative way, in a most blissful way.

My husband woke me up 2:00 a.m. He told me he couldn’t sleep. My snoring was keeping him awake. He said I snored like an old man and I was ruining his beauty sleep. Me, snore! I don’t snore, I’m a woman. And exactly what old man have you been sleeping with that you are able to compare me to an old man’s snoring sounds. Now, I’m not overweight! I know that being overweight does cause people to snore. Well, let’s be honest, maybe I’m 10 pounds overweight. Okay, maybe a bit more that that. But, I have been 10 pounds overweight or a bit more than that for the last 25 years, and I’m somewhat good with that. And, that is another blissful story.

But I digress. My sweet husband, my dear husband the dentist, implored that my snoring was waking him up and he wasn’t able to fall back asleep. Well, hot flashes are waking me up! So, if I can’t sleep because I’m covered in sweat, why should you have a restful night? No, he insisted your snoring is waking you up, not your hot flashes. He would not take no for an answer, I was to make an appointment at his office immediately and get fitted for a snoring appliance. He might be right. Maybe I am snoring and waking myself up, but I have never heard myself snore. So he must be wrong, it must be the hot flashes.

A few weeks after my dental appointment, my husband arrived home with my snoring appliance in hand. He said he hoped he would see it in my mouth that night. I looked at the snoring device, not sure that me plopping that thing into my mouth was necessarily going to happen. After we both crawled into bed, he sat up on his elbow, looked at me with a satisfied smile on his face and happily saw that my snoring device was in my mouth. It wasn’t comfortable and I was not happy. My husband told me I would quickly get used to it. So, I was determined to wear it. I was going to show him that I was not to be blamed for his lack of sleep. My husband’s lack of sleep was due to his snoring, certainly not mine.

The alarm clock went off in the morning and low and behold, I hadn’t woken up. I had seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. Oh yes, I was still soaked in sweat from my morning hot flashes, but I had slept through the night! My husband slept through the night. My bliss! A blissful sleep, a blissful husband, and a blissful day filled with energy. I found it all with the aid of a small snoring appliance that I pop into my mouth each night at the end of a most blissful day.

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