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Is crocheting a blanket woven ever so delicately
Within each stitch encompasses her willful awareness to augment amicable words, emotions and intentions
She has the insight of the critical importance and action she must take in order to pivot the ongoing quandaries that are disenchanting the world right now.
In turn this behaviour is weighing on the hearts of all living beings

Gently covering each drab body one by one with her maternal tenderness
The words begin to rise above the assemblage of souls suspended over them while they begin to form playful diverse patterns taking on the silhouette of tiny hearts

Mysteriously enchanted the hearts cascade down in a circular motion making their way onto the skin as they fade into the cells, molecules and atoms
Linking up with the veins they carry within them a little potion of love to help commence them all into a profound sleep

Throughout that time each individual being begins the process of deprogramming the beliefs that have caused travesty, fear, harmful effects, broken hearts, doubts and ongoing discrepancies that echo the hardships between each other which has been subjected onto society from the beginning of creation

I wholeheartedly believe it’s time to mend.
It’s time to stop the violence and replace it with reciprocity
It’s time to restart, rejuvenate and reconcile the distress, trauma and emotional damage that has lingered in the air around us and attached itself like a leech

Permit us to unite and establish a clean slate
Grant us the untouched time so we may recreate and live in a place where the earth is sweet with the morale reverence of unequivocal LOVE

Allow Madame in the clouds to cloak you in the most opportune fashion

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