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The word goal is to achieve what you set out for yourself, however, it takes effort to set one or many. How does one begin? The key for me is that every new year marks a new beginning to set goals no matter how small or big.

Sometimes, the goal doesn’t turn out the way you predicted, but the idea is to set goals to help you stay focused to reach the end result.

As a runner training for an event, I learned to mark down my goals and practice visualization every day. This has helped me set personal bests in some high profile events such as the Boston Marathon overall in my career.

Christine Blanchette running
Christine Blanchette

Here is my list on how to set, take action and see results when it comes to fitness and work goals.

  1. Write down the goal. This helps not only to stay focused, motivated but also accountable. Writing it down on a calendar or anything you can refer to easily.
  2. Set short term and long term goals. This will be more achievable and will build up your confidence to reach the longer term goal. For example — if it’s a running goal, start with a 5km and work up to a 10k distance.
  3. Visualization — visualize the goal, how you are going to feel while reaching it, picture yourself attaining it.
  4. Tell others about your goals, this helps build support.
  5. Goal changes, learn to adapt and strive for the best outcome possible.
  6. A positive mindset helps you enjoy the journey.
  7. Be ready to change or set new ones, this will be less stressful.

Overall, enjoy striving for the goal or goals you set out for yourself.

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