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Fall is my favorite season for running because of the cooler temperatures, and hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet inspires me to enjoy every moment with Mother Nature.

It is the perfect season to start exercising in the cool crisp air that will make you feel invigorated and improve your fitness.

Not to mention, the multicolored leaves bring me back to my childhood. It also marks my introduction to cross country running, whereas I didn’t care if I got my legs covered in mud. The feeling of being exhausted after running up steep hills while carefully not tripping over roots was a sense of accomplishment that stuck with me. This type of challenge inspired me to continue running in my adult years. If anything is motivating enough to get you back into shape during the fall cross country running season, all of your senses will love you for it.

Exercising in the trails with the sweet smells of fall are unmistakable. It makes me feel there is no other place on earth I would rather be.

Here are some tips to get you fall ready:

  1. Running in the cold crisp air can be invigorating enough to allow you to run faster and not overheat. Set goals for improved performance. Fall is the perfect start time for beginning runners.
  2. Dress for the conditions: dress in layers, wear a jacket, vest, tights, but don’t overdress because you could overheat. Check the weather conditions before heading out.
  3. Wear reflective gear to be seen by cars and cyclists.
  4. Stay hydrated even though it is colder and properly fuel your body about two hours before running.
  5. Mixing up the terrain - by switching to trails and cross country can add a dose of motivation to your program if you were more acclimatized to roads and sidewalks. Afterwards you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate with a sense of accomplishment…and maybe a small slice of pumpkin pie.

Remember to listen to your body and enjoy the season!

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