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Spring has sprung. You can step out in a tee shirt, flowers are blooming, and there’s actual green to be seen outside your window. As we emerge from our winter hibernations in cozy homes into the shining sun, we’re starting to show our faces in this time of renewal.

This makes the Spring season the perfect time to spice up our daily makeup routines and get a little more creative. After all, nature and the world around us are changing up their looks, so should you!

This doesn’t mean you have to make a drastic change and spend some serious cash at Sephora, but it’s always fun to welcome in Spring’s vibrant spirit by celebrating it externally!

So, here are some trending makeup concepts and looks I think are easily executed if you’re looking for a little refresh in your makeup routine.

Embrace the glow with glass skin

In case you didn’t know, matte skin finishes are pretty much out. Say goodbye to dryness settling into fine lines and embrace a radiant glow instead.

Glowing skin

Now, the glass skin or dewy skin makeup trend is nothing new, but Spring feels like welcoming in a new life. We’re looking for a youthful look, which can be achieved by highlighting your high points: cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, tip of the nose.

The trick here is to ditch your sparkly powdered highlighters, though. Instead, to achieve a skin-like, natural finish, opt for a soft balm or liquid with a sheer shimmer, like Glossier’s Haloscope, or my personal favourite, Saie’s Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter — it lasts forever, even in the mini size, and gives the perfect glow without smudging any of your foundation.

Saie highlighter

You might even find yourself being asked for your skincare routine!

You can still powder your T-zone, but stray from the all-over matte finish to achieve this look. My tip? Even throw some highlighter on your collar bones for an all-over glow-from-within.

90s brows are back… but, don’t fret!

Don’t freak out. The 90s are back in fashion, from low-rise jeans to mini purses, and it was only a matter of time before some of the decade’s more questionable trends started to creep into makeup.

If you were one of the ladies (like my mom, sorry mom) that plucked their eyebrows a little too thin during this time, or your mom took the tweezers to yours in your youth (redeemed here—thanks for not touching my brows, mom), now’s your time to embrace them!


This doesn’t mean you have to go Gwen Stefani thin on your brows, but while thick, fluffy brows have been in vogue for the last decade, it is possible to sport a happy medium.

In the spirit of spring and achieving that fresh-faced look, we want to avoid overfilling our brows with pencil and work more with the hairs we got. If you have less brow hair, try a tinted brow gel that will tame your brows but still maintain a thinner look.

If you were blessed with Brooke Shields-esque brows, maybe stray from the overly-fluffed, laminated look and try a product with a clear hold, like Rare Beauty’s Brow Harmony Gel, to keep them in place but still natural.

Sunburns can be cute!

Take some makeup inspiration from nature’s beautiful pink tulips and peonies blooming around us. There’s a certain youthfulness to a naturally-flushed look. Personally, I find that a nice swipe of colour across the cheeks breathes some air into the pale, lackluster skin this winter graced me with.

One of my favourite tips is to actually bring your blush over the bridge of your nose.

This looks like you just spent the day outside, minus the harmful UV rays, and got a sun-kissed glow. Try Merit’s Flush Balm for this; it’s highly pigmented and in a cream formula, allowing you to keep that glass-skin look. My personal favourite is the colour Apres, a soft berry which feels more natural rather than a Barbie pink for this look.

Welcome in metallic eye looks

Move over pastels; metallics are the new trend for spring.

We saw models all over Spring 2024 runways with gold and silver metallic accents on their lids, and this trend can be so easily achieved with some winged gold liner or sparkly silver touched in your eye’s inner corner, like twinkling constellations framing your eyes. Matching it to your go-to jewelry colour can really elevate this look as well.

Metallic accents

If you’re more bold, go for an overall wash of an eye-catching shadow like one from this Master Metallics® palette by Makeup by Mario, and let the sun do all the work turning heads and illuminating that shadow.

Marni Spring/Summer 2024
Marni Spring/Summer 2024

As we embrace the season of new beginnings, let’s celebrate all the beautiful gifts spring has to offer by expressing ourselves through makeup. So, have fun, play around, and let your personality shine through your looks!

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