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My bliss I found one day when I walked onto a tv set and thought ‘I AM HOME’ this is where I belong. I felt it all over and literally tingled with it.

It wasn’t cerebral it was physical. I think I was lucky to have my whole self announce to my mind that this is where I should be. So I set out to work on tv and got a part in a soap opera which lasted 30 years till the show went off the air.

There was not a day I worked that bliss was missing and if it did seem to disappear as I was disliking my wardrobe that day or my makeup wasn’t perfect or my hair looked awful it didn’t matter when I walked onto the set of the show and got to perform.

I performed on movie sets and on stage as well but for some reason it was the tv set that had me from hello as the song goes. Obviously my husband and my son and his family give me tremendous joy and bliss as do my friends and marathons I ran and mountains I climbed but to feel it all over each day I walked on a tv set was glorious.

Now at age 80 I write books and when I hit the right momentum, bliss runs in and says you are where you belong at this computer making up wonderful stories with constant surprises which even I am stunned with them at times.

My hope for all reading this is they try all sorts of things until that bell goes off and you say ‘This is who I am’. It could be sailing a boat or making a dress or walking in the woods or perfecting numbers at the bank you work in or playing bridge or working with animals. What ever resounds deeply inside you is bliss. It changes as we age but if you stay with it, you make your life joyful. My books are my new bliss and whenever I sit down to work I smile. And when my husband walks in to see what I am up to, I smile.

So much bliss is there if we are open to it. I started doing AGING TIPS on Instagram and each day I do a new tip on aging (I am now 80) and each day that one minute makes me smile and enjoy myself. This is bliss is it not. To enjoy what we do and if what we do adds to others lives it doubles our joy. Thanks for letting me share my bliss with you.

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