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About 8 months ago I had a wake-up call. I had some dodgy test results.

Consequently, I decided that I needed to do something to try to reverse a potentially inevitable outcome.

So, I went on a journey as of Sunday, May 29th 2022.

That was the date of the actual physical start, but it all actually started months prior when I walked on a beautiful labyrinth on the grounds of a tiny prayer building in Picton, Ontario.

I visualized myself reversing all my bodily patterns related to old karmic baggage. I really had a profound moment of visualization, meditation and aspirational thinking on a new moon in the Spring of ‘22 while walking that labyrinth. I saw myself as healthy, fit, filled with energy, and joyful. I created a mantra that related to all of this and repeated it often.

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been working with this visualization and intention, for a long time, years even, but some really strong energies came together for me to get very clear and crystallized about my intentions and goals on that day.

Here is the mantra that I repeated as often as possible:

All energetic ties to old soul contracts regarding my body are now severed. I am now free of all karmic ties to old ways of being, old chords of attachment and soul contracts that no longer serve me. I am free. My body is in optimal shape. I am healthy, vibrant, balanced and in the best health ever.

And then on June 6th, 2022 after listening to a very profound lecture I declared:

I experience significant healing. My blood levels are normal in all ways. I release all that contributed to my bodily imbalances. I feel amazing in my body even when I look at my stomach sideways in the mirror! The mirror is my friend! I feel amazing in a bathing suit. I am sexy, hot and fit! I feel so free and so light.

Look I’m a very big believer in Joe Dispenza’s work and affirmations as well as detailed visualizations and I applied all of that to the situation. All without pushing too hard so that I could feel a sense of ease and peace as I went through the whole thing.

I had no idea what would actually help me to activate all of this in real life, but I was surrendering and knowing that my clarity of intention was everything. In fact, I sensed deep inside that this clarity would finally be the game changer I had been seeking for literally decades.

It’s been a journey (and continues to be) of reversing patterns in my body that are related to old multi-generational trauma and inflammatory body stuff including PCOS which later in life can become metabolic syndrome (diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and stroke) and if I did nothing that, most assuredly would be my story.

Here is the great news! I am beyond joyful and grateful. After 8 months (and counting) of intermittent fasting (IF) and continued exercise (which had been in my life all along as many of you know if you follow my posts)

All my blood work is reversed!

Not pre-diabetic anymore!

My cholesterol is normal!

As well as my triglycerides! These now are also low normal which is such a relief!

In my entire life, I’ve always either gained weight or maintained my weight. This is the 1st time I’ve actually been able to reduce my body measurements. I actually do not weigh myself… I prefer to measure my body as my go-to means of tracking.

The doc said she had never seen such a shift in this amount of time!

Of course, checking again in 6 months to make sure I am able to maintain all this phenomenal progress.

I find IF so easy, so I feel this is a lifestyle for the long haul, for me.

I know there are many ways to do this journey but for me, this has really worked. And it’s been relatively simple and easy.

And here is something I wanted to also share with you in case you have been on a journey and need a sure-fire technique to change any long-standing patterns.

Because doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result they say, is the definition of madness. In fact, in my practice, people are always asking me ‘how do I stop doing that behaviour’ or ‘feeling that feeling’, that I no longer want to do or feel, but I find it difficult to stop.

Consider a 3-pronged approach. ✅️ Detect it. ✅️ Disrupted. ✅️ Replace it.

Detect the behaviour, actions or feelings you no longer want to engage in. Disrupt it with a sentence like “Show me how good it can be”, “All is well”, “I am safe”, “I trust in the process of life” or “Everything is working out better than I expect.”

Replace it with a visualization of you having completed the event or being in a life in which you’re joyous and happy and peaceful. Do it. It’s s methodology that works.

Detect it. Disrupt it. Replace it. Do this consistently and watch your life transform.

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