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Hi everyone and I hope that you’re all having a happy June! I don’t know about you, but I feel that there is such optimism and hope in the air! Life feels like it might be getting back to something resembling life before all of this!

The sun is shining, patios are open again, and even though we’ve all been holding our breath, it feels like we can finally breathe a little easier.

And there have been so many silver linings in this last year and a half. Most of it is just about breathing, slowing down, being mindful, and here it is - the biggest takeaway - gratitude!

I feel grateful to be able to give people a platform to write about their bliss in our online magazine. Recently, one of our Bliss Bloggers wrote a piece that touched so many people, and it was all about feeling gratitude in spite of the pandemic. The writer’s name is Michelle Millman and I encourage you all to read her piece, “My Cup Runneth Over.”

I love interviewing people on our radio show, Finding Your Bliss, Saturdays at 1 pm on Zoomer Radio, and watching them reconnect to their bliss again. And by example, they give our listeners permission to find their passion and purpose too.

One of the highlights for me recently was my interview with Joan Lunden, who is the longest-running female host ever on morning television, having co-hosted Good Morning America for 20 years. Joan’s fervent desire to reinvent herself and be such an outward-focused advocate for women’s health and well-being is beyond impressive.

Joan Lunden
Joan Lunden

Joan has written 8 books, and her latest book, Why Did I Come Into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging, is chock full of great information, and so much humour and wisdom. I encourage you all to get this book, one for yourself and one for a best friend or relative!.

Why Did I Come Into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging, by Joan Lunden

Joan said something that struck me so much; “When you close your eyes, imagine what age you feel like, instead of the age you are chronologically”.

So just close your eyes right now; think about what age you feel you are. This number is usually much lower than the number determined by your birth certificate!

Joan Lunden’s inspirational attitude was so contagious, that throughout the interview, I had tears in my eyes - tears of joy and gratitude - and I felt such respect for this television media icon who has survived breast cancer, has seven wonderful children, has written 10 books and is so intent on helping people prevent illness, rather than have to cure it.

And her book is really fabulous, so funny, insightful, fascinating, and full of wonderful information and exercises that you can use to help create a happier and healthier life.

I’m also so excited to bring you our show on the Bitove Method, which is a continuation of this discussion on aging. This wonderful organization helps improve the quality of life for people living with memory changes by using music and the arts as a touchstone to wellbeing.

Music is Life is a wonderful documentary film they created and we talk all about it in this week’s upcoming show on Zoomer Radio! What a wonderful and uplifting interview that was.

Erica Ehm
Erica Ehm

Another recent interview that really stands out for me was my chat with Canadian media icon Erica Ehm. You can still listen on our podcast. It was such a blast from the past. And speaking of reinvention, Erica Ehm’s podcast Reinvention of the VJ is sensational and I encourage you all to listen to it on your favourite podcasting platform. This must have been the month of Ehm power as I also had a delightful conversation with Leslie Ehm, the author of the bestselling book, Swagger! You can hear this powerful conversation on The Finding Your Bliss podcast!!

Someone asked me recently why I am working so hard and why am I doing this? There are so many moments when I am interviewing people or reading some of the pieces written by our wonderful Bliss Bloggers, that I actually feel so emotional, and I really know for sure that my bliss is watching other people get connected to their bliss. So, this job and this new career is more than just a labour of love for me; I really feel that it is my calling. And who cares that I discovered it in midlife! After reading Joan Lunden’s latest book, I know that I’m really only 28 years old, so I have all the time in the world!

Stay tuned for lots of great shows coming up, our brand new Bliss Newsletter, and some other fun surprises! And check out our beautiful new Bliss Bracelet, created by the Finding Your Bliss team and handmade by Canadian jewelry designer Beth Godfrey. Order one for someone you love and help them take one step closer to finding their bliss!

Bliss Bracelet
Bliss Bracelet

With love and wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe June!!
Judy Librach

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