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Motivation is a huge part of finding your bliss. It all begins with being motivated. So as Steve Jobs says, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

I love that quote because it’s a great springboard for doing what you were born to do. So, what motivates you? What fuels and grabs you and makes you spring out of bed each morning?

I know that when it comes to writing bliss minutes on Instagram or blog posts or anything to do with Finding Your Bliss, I could stay up all night working on it, refining it, and creating it. But when it comes to exercise (as I mentioned in a recent Instagram bliss video), it’s a little harder for me to get motivated. So think of an important goal that you have, something that you care about that pulls you in, the thing you don’t have to be pushed to do, but the thing that pushes you.

As motivational speaker Denis Waitley says: “Motivation starts with a sense of desire. When you want something, you become motovated to get it.”

So, what do you want? (Favourite life coaching question)

Having a certain desire for something is not enough. That desire has to be married to self-motivation. You need to increase your motivation and strengthen and flex your willpower and self-discipline.

So, why it that I can write bliss minutes till all hours of the night, but getting myself to that exercise class is a little tougher.

Well, as Hal Urban says in his book, “Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter”, desire is the seed from which all achievement grows. More than any other characteristic, it determines whether we’re going to be mediocre or succesful in life. Desire, not ability, separates average people from those who excel.
So, what about the part of your dream that is not as motivating? Urban also talks about the other important aspect of desire, which is committment. “A promise that we make to no one but ourselves, this is what keeps us going when things are toughest. Instead of giving up in the face of adversity or defeat, we bounce back.” According to psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers, “Committment is the pivotal quality of success.”

According to a piece in Forbes Magazine about staying motivated, it is suggested that you break down your goals into smaller, more manageable or “task-oriented goals”, and set deadlines for those tasks. So if, for an example, you want to organize and clear out the clutter in your entire closet, you start by tackling one area at a time — so, first the shoes, then the belts, then the purses, etc. It’s also very important to surround yourself with sunny, optimimistic and positive people who give off positive energy.

Top YouTube influencer Tessa Violet talks about how it is helpful to keep your “top tier goal in mind” at all times when you’re doing the more administrative or menial tasks that are related to your overall goal.

Try to listen to positive information every day, whether it is an uplifting video or meme or something that keeps you feeling positive and cheerful and moves you forward towards your ultimate goal. One recommendation is even a one-line tweet that will move you forward is a great step!

Keeping setting goals. Write them down in a journal and share your goal with a coach or best friend or partner to keep yourself on track!

Remember, motivation begins with passion. So, always start with what you love, what other people compliment you for and for the thing that you love to do so much that hours pass by and you don’t even know where all the time has gone.

That is the perfect springboard to start from!!!

Remember, take one baby step every day towards finding and living your bliss!

(Stay tuned for more on exercise and what I do to stay motivated and inspired!)

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