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Feeling so blessed and grateful to release our second installment of the Finding Your Bliss magazine with a very humourous television writer on sleep and her marriage, a beautiful piece on Yoga by a wonderful person who works in children’s publishing and is currently completing a leading yoga teacher training program, along with a third piece by a novelist who finds her bliss in a myriad of ways, in an article all about happiness.

As some of these articles came pouring in, along with new ones for future issues, I felt overcome with gratitude. I think this is because my bliss really is watching other people connect to their’s and to be able to provide a forum for people to see what bliss looks like and for all of these writers/bliss bloggers from all walks of life to express how they connect to their own happiness, well, all of this just fills me with immense joy and an overflowing feeling of gratitude.

So I hope you enjoy this current issue and maybe someone’s words or ideas, memories or experiences will inspire you to take one step closer to finding your bliss!!!

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